As globalization has expanded, cross-border legal, regulatory and institutional issues have become topics of significant interest among firms and individuals pursuing business strategies in different counties. As business has globalized and cross-border transactions have become more complex, the ability to provide appropriate counsel across jurisdictions becomes all the more important.

Whether clients are Kenyan-based with a need for help on offshore transactions or are foreign firm who are investing or doing business in Kenya, we have the expertise to help.  To meet the needs of clients pursuing business strategies into Kenya, our firm has developed expertise in key facets of international trade and investments including regulatory, dispute resolution, taxation and transactional and corporate law.

We offer a range of services across the full spectrum of cross-border trade and investments including

  • setting up businesses and organizations
  • employment of international staff
  • import and exports procedures
  • due diligence
  • regulatory and compliance approvals
  • restructuring and reorganizations
  • immigration